Collision protection from Green Tera Protect (GTP).

GTP systems are made from largely recycled plastics to protect parts of buildings, pillars, instalments, and other vulnerable areas at risk.

Building protection with recycled plastic materials.

GTP provides impact protection, collision protection, and ram protection We supply solutions for building protection and prevent damage caused by forklift trucks or transport wagons within internal business processes.

A lack of collision, impact, and ram protection results in considerable damage to the building structure and industrial vehicles.

Impact protection strips, impact protection systems and collision protection from Green Tera Protect (GTP) are the perfect protection systems for all areas where the aforementioned damage can occur. GTP systems are heavy-duty, food-grade, cost-effective, have a long service life and secure buildings and vehicles.

The only exception is our system “Tera Protect wall protection (rear-ventilated)”, which is is produced from PVC, as this product cannot (yet) be made from recycled plastic. We’re working on it!”

Made in Germany

Where possible, we make the products using recycled plastic produced in Germany. We develop and optimize environmentally sustainable products.

GTP advantages at a glance

  • Extremely resilient
  • Partially elastic
  • Protect buildings and vehicles
  • Suitable for the use with foods
  • Easy to assemble
  • Highly customizable
  • Long service life
  • Cost-effective
  • GTP systems are classified in fire protection class B2
Graue Ramschutzleiste aus recyceltem Kunstoff mit Abdeckkappe, Schraube, Steckschlüssel und Bohrmaschine.

Simple and quick installation of the collision protection systems.

Blue Angel for TERA PROTECT

We are very pleased about the award of the blue environmental angel for our recycled impact protection products.

  • TERA PROTECT 200015 floor large
  • TERA PROTECT 200022 floor small
  • TERA PROTECT Radius 2.200
  • TERA PROTECT rim protector
Anprallschutz, Anfahrschutz und Rammschutz - Fußleisten

Tera Protect

Collision protection strips, impact protection systems and ram protection from Green Tera Protect (GTP) serve as excellent protection systems for many areas (e.g. warehouses, delivery, production, underground and above-ground car parks). GTP offers clean and high-quality protection made from sustainable recycled plastic. Our products are highly resilient, food-safe, inexpensive and have a long service life.

Produktfoto Green Tera Protect Wand hinterbelüftet.

Tera Protect Wall

TERA PROTECT WAND is a rear-ventilated wall protection. The system protects walls from damage and allows moisture to dry out. It provides a hygienic and clean solution for all areas where protection and cleanliness are important.

Tera Protect corner collision protection with guide roller

TERA PROTECT ECKANFAHRSCHUTZ protects corners and equipment from damage caused by approaching with floor vehicles such as lift trucks or forklifts. The integrated roller deflects the energy to the side.

Tera rim protector

High curbs or frames in car park entrances often damage the vehicle rims. To prevent this, we have developed a special protection for vehicle rims.

Säulenschutz, Anprallschutz, Anfahrschutz und Rammschutz

Tera Car Protect

The ram, pillar and wall protection systems TERA CAR PROTECT are an excellent solution for car parks (underground and above-ground). These systems protect walls, pillars, and vehicles from impact caused by parking collisions. Prevent parking dents and scratches. In the case of vehicles, rims, doors and protruding parts such as exterior mirrors and bumpers are protected in particular.

From the field: Complete protection in the delivery area
Perfect for supermarket, food retail, hotel and catering. - Prevents damage and thus saves maintenance effort.

1. TP radius 2,200

Termination for TP wall – Protects the wall also as a separate profile bar at any height.

2. TP wall protection back-ventilated

Full-surface, rear-ventilated wall protection. The wall can continue to breathe and is fully protected.

3. TP 200015 Soil

Resistant, separable chamber system. Shock absorbing and powerful fixed in the ground.

About us
Green Tera Protect GmbH is headquartered in Berlin and operates throughout Europe.

We develop unique protective elements made of sustainable, recycled materials for private and industrial use. We benefit from years of experience and know-how from internal and external specialists. Following the development of our solutions, selected manufacturers produce these solutions according to our ideas and quality features.

We offer personal accessibility, short communication channels and thus a quick implementation of your requirements.

Säulenschutz für Parkhäuser und Tiefgaragen

German Society for Sustainable Building

We are a members of the

The German Society for Sustainable Building – DGNB e.V., based in Stuttgart, is Europe’s largest network for sustainable building. This collaboration of companies from the construction and real estate industry aims to promote the necessity for, as well as the possibilities of, practical and sustainable construction.

To the DGNB website

Deutsche Gesellschaft für nachhaltiges Bauen.
Our services



We develop wall and pillar protection systems from sustainable materials. Fully customised solutions are also available in case our standard systems prove insufficient for your needs.



We offer short-term production cycles and fast delivery. Our systems are manufactured in Germany from selected granules from the recycling industry.



Do you have any questions about our protection systems or the production of other products made from recycled materials? Would you like an offer or a quote? We are happy to advise you!

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Collision protection Neptunbad Cologne

The Neptunbad is centrally located in Cologne, in a beautiful old building and offers a wide range of wellness and fitness facilities. The operator Neptunbad GmbH und Co. KG is very interested in the well-being of its visitors.
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Protect the wall hygienically

A clean and undamaged wall is a good indication of your business. A clean environment encourages employees to keep them clean and in order.
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Collision protection warehouse and production

The installation of start-up protection, ram protection, and wall protection from GREEN TERA PROTECT in warehouse and production is a useful addition to existing systems; for example, a screwed-on steel approach protection for a pallet rack or a ram protection in forklift areas.
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Mounting wall protection

Assembly work of wall protection and baseboards in a LEH discount store. Secure building parts from damage and create hygienic protection. With bumper and impact protection from GREEN TERA PROTECT!
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Bottom profile small

The installation of start-up protection, ram protection, and wall protection from GREEN TERA PROTECT in warehouse and production is a useful addition to existing systems; for example, a screwed-on steel approach protection for a pallet rack or a ram protection in forklift areas.
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Application Discounter Food Trade LEH

Damage to skirting boards or walls is often inevitable within areas of daily delivery of goods and the warehouse of grocery retailers and discounters.
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Application Parking garages and underground car parks

TERA PROTECT can significantly reduce the costs of maintenance and refurbishment of car-damaged car parks (underground and above-ground). Our systems protect the building fabric and paint application in the right places, thus preventing damage and contamination.
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