Avoid damage to columns, walls and fixtures

How can instalments and buildings be protected against damage?

The installation of start-up protection, ram protection, and wall protection from GREEN TERA PROTECT in warehouse and production is a useful addition to existing systems; for example, a screwed-on steel approach protection for a pallet rack or a ram protection in forklift areas. Preparation trolleys, workshop trolleys or sack trucks also cause damage to skirting boards, walls, machinery or other equipment. This not only looks unsightly, but sometimes has to be expensively renovated and repaired in order to prevent damage to the ever-increasing building material.

In addition to the building, the above-mentioned means of transport also suffer from encounters with the building; these also require protection in order to extend their service life. It also needs to be protected and its service life extended. Nothing is more irritating than a transport device that can no longer fulfil its purpose.

Better be safe than sorry.

The cost of installing GREEN TERA PROTECT protection systems is cheaper than you think. And certainly cheaper than constant repairs to the building and to the means of transport. Our systems allow you to impress visitors, customers, and suppliers with a clean and undamaged building. No more scratched skirting boards and no dents or holes in the plaster. No more wizened baseboards and no more dents, dents and holes in the plaster. Put an end to any kind of collision damage and be inspired by our solutions for storage and production.

For inquiries, quotes and special development requests, please contact Dirk Lewin directly.

Secure building parts from damage and create hygienic protection. With bumper and impact protection from GREEN TERA PROTECT !

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