Discounters and grocery stores

The enemy of the footboard and wall is called pallet trucks, right?

Damage to skirting boards or walls is often inevitable within areas of daily delivery of goods and the warehouse of grocery retailers and discounters. At worst, not even to be overlooked, because the often used wooden slats are splintered, destroyed, and -in the case of wet cleaning- rotten or even moldy. Especially in the field of food handling, this should not be a more durable condition.

Forklift drivers or pallet truck operators often push plates up to the wall or against the skirting board. The results isin extensive damage to the wall or wooden skirting board. It may even affect the sandwich panels of the building or the lightweight walls, so that these would have to be refurbished at great expense.

Apart from the damage, the hygienic findings of splintered wood are also more than questionable. Wet cleaning involves the risk of germination of open wood wounds. In this case, there is a threat of closure by the veterinary office.

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