Recycled materials and granules

Sustainable, environmentally friendly and excellent

What does sustainable use of resources mean?

“Sustainability is a principle of action for resource use, with the emphasis on preserving the essential characteristics, stability and natural regeneration capacity of the respective system.” *

We are committed to this, and that is why almost all products of Green Tera Protect GmbH are made of selected, recycled plastics.

There are numerous types of old plastics with various properties and impurities. We aim to filter out and use the most suitable old plastics available. This process allows the creation of new raw materials from old plastics, which we use within our products.

Old plastic = raw material

We receive the raw materials according to a catalogue of requirements defined by us, so that the desired product properties can be produced from the raw materials. The materials chosen by us perfectly combine all these desired properties; the materials are made of recycled plastics, are sustainable, easy to process, can be formed into almost any shape and can therefore be optimally adapted for every application. For this purpose, we check batches and thus ensure a consistently high quality.

With our recycled systems, you purchase recycled raw materials of high quality, which are also sustainable, resource-saving and recyclable. All our products can be returned to the raw material cycle after a long service life.

Blue Angel and Green Angel

The recycled plastics we use bear the “Blue Angel” quality seal and the “Green Angel” quality seal. In contrast to the “Blue Angel” (products and services awarded with the Blue Angel, are more environmentally friendly than comparable, conventional products and services), products made from recycled materials are awarded with the green angel.


Here we would like to point to Hans Carl von Carlowitz (1645-1714), who in his Sylvicultura oeconomica Sylvicultura oeconomica, which dealt with forestry, clearly described the concept of sustainability and thereby significantly shaped the concept for his time:

“Will the greatest art/science/hard work and establishment of the country will be based on how to do such conservation and cultivation of the wood / that there will be continuous and sustainable use / because it is an indispensable thing / without which the country in its essence and existence may not remain.”

At a glance

Advantages and benefits of the GTP System

Smart System

Simple installation. Simple attachment. Simply great.

Made from recycled materials

Made from recycled plastic granules that are specially made to meet our requirements.

Easily replaceable

If a panel is nevertheless damaged, it can be easily replaced.


Less expensive than all other materials because of its long service life.

Easy to clean

Easy and simple to clean with normal cleaning agents.


All system components from Green Tera Protect can be combined with each other.


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