Protection for the wall for clean delivery areas and warehouse

Green Tera Protect

Avoid damage to the wall

Protect building walls against damage.

A clean and undamaged wall is a good indication of your business. A clean environment encourages employees to keep them clean and in order.

Damages to walls often occurs when parking or due to carelessness, in particular on surfaces or paths with a lot of transport traffic (lift trucks, forklifts, ants, transport trolleys). The plaster is damaged, the paint peels off and sooner or later the wall does not look good anymore. It then has to be extensively renovated.

Hotel, gastronomy and food production

Our plastic profiles are hygienic and safe for food. We have been awarded the Blue Angel for this. In this respect, our products are ideal for anyone who handles food and is looking for a clean solution for storage, refrigeration and delivery. In the event of an inspection by the regulatory office, you will then be able to score points from the looks alone, because our wall paneling and baseboards will not splinter or look shabby, unlike wooden paneling or baseboards.

With TERA PROTECT WALL, we offer you full-surface covering of walls. It is clean, easy to assemble and has an adaptive design. If a panel is damaged, it is easily replaceable.

We offer TERA PROTECT WALL in two variants: as a full-surface wall protection and as a ventilated system. The ventilated system can also be mounted onto moist walls for protection. The specially designed structure removes moisture and allows the wall to dry out. The principle is similar to that of a ventilated facade.


  • Easy installation
  • Protection of walls from damage
  • High impact resistance

Look at how easy it is to install a wall protector. You can have our systems installed by your employees or by us: Mounting Tera Protect wall protection

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