TERA PROTECT protection systems

Collision and ram protection from Green Tera Protect

Tera Protect collision protection, wall protection and ram protection. Perfect protection systems.

Pillar protection, collision protection, wall protection and ram protection are a sustainable and sensible investment for the protection of buildings and vehicles.

The Green Tera Protect (GTP) product series 200 and 250 include high-quality, tested plastic moldings and molded parts for indoor and outdoor use with an attractive price-performance ratio.

The Tera Protect materials contain reprocessed raw materials of high quality and are therefore sustainable, environmentally and resource-saving products. They are far superior to wood products in terms of hygiene, workability, durability and weather resistance in many areas.

The GTP systems are used in particular as collision protection, wall protection and ram protection in heavily used storage areas. Skirting boards, building corners and pillars require special protection. With type 200 or 250, a stable and sustainable impact protection and crash protection can be realized.

The following system components are available as a basis

  • TERA PROTECT type 200
  • TERA PROTECT type 250
  • TERA PROTECT 200015 floor

Technical specifications

Mixed plastic RK1, color gray, 2 bevels. Bars are incorporated every 180 mm, so that a high impact resistance is guaranteed and the rodents are blocked from access by the hollow chambers. The color corresponds approximately to RAL7012 – basalt gray.

The exact data can be found in the technical drawings, which we would be happy to send you on request. Subject to manufacturing tolerances. Delivery times usually 10-14 days. In addition to the aforementioned products, we develop and advise customers on product and process innovations in the secondary raw materials sector with the aim of offering cost-effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions.

Fußleisten. Anprallschutz, Anfahrschutz und Rammschutz.

Tera Protect Type 200 

  • Protective strip for screwing.
  • Length: 2100 mm (82,67″), typical size
  • Height: 200 mm (7.87″)
  • Depth: 30 mm (1,18″)
  • Weight / meter: approx.8.6 kg / 18.95 lb
Anprallschutz, Anfahrschutz und Rammschutz - Fußleisten

Tera Protect Type 250 

  • Protective strip for screwing.
  • Length: 2100 mm (82,67″), typical size 
  • Height: 250 mm (9.84″)
  • Depth: 30 mm (1,18″)
  • Weight / meter: approx. 10,5 kg / 23.14 lb
Anprallschutz, Anfahrschutz und Rammschutz in einem Parkhaus verhindert Schäden an Bausubstanz und Fahrzeugen.

Tera Protect 200015 Floor

Protective strip for particularly stressed areas. Screw connection with a special screw with a flange for installation with and without underfloor heating.

  • Length: 2000 mm (78,74″)
  • Height: 150 mm (5.90″)
  • Depth: 120 mm (4,72″)
  • Weight: approx. 19,1 kg / 42,10 lb
At a glance

Advantages and benefits of the GTP System

Smart System

Simple installation. Simple attachment. Simply great.

Made from recycled materials

Made from recycled plastic granules that are specially made to meet our requirements.

Easily replaceable

If a panel is nevertheless damaged, it can be easily replaced.


Less expensive than all other materials because of its long service life.

Easy to clean

Easy and simple to clean with normal cleaning agents.


All system components from Green Tera Protect can be combined with each other.


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