The “Tera Protect 200015” floor profile has been given a narrow brother:

“Tera Protect 200022 Floor small”.

The depth for “bottom small” is 55 mm (bottom large = 120 mm)

The new protective strip “Floor small” is suitable for very stressed areas. The screw connection is made with a special screw and a flange for shoring with and without underfloor heating. The collision protection is ideal for delivery, warehouse and production. Less space is then lost in these areas due to the reduced depth. However, the new profile also protects walls, fixtures or machines against jostling by industrial trucks and transport trolleys.

For more information on this innovative product, please visit the TERA PROTECT BODEN page.

For inquiries, quotes and special development requests, please contact Dirk Lewin directly.

Secure building parts from damage and create hygienic protection. With bumper and impact protection from GREEN TERA PROTECT !

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