Skirting boards and baseboards from Green Tera Protect

Tera Protect 200 and 250 – The industrial skirting board

The resilient skirting board for particularly stressed areas in industry, trade, gastronomy and supermarkets. Protects walls and columns from damage, reducing the need for maintenance. The skirting boards are made of recycled plastic and can be returned to the raw material cycle. These skirting boards have significant advantages over conventional moldings made of wood, because they do not splinter, are hygienically safe and do not provide a place for vermin.

The easy to mount collision protection

TERA PROTECT 200 and 250 are used by our customers as skirting boards and baseboards in areas subject to particularly high stress, to protect fixtures in warehouses, production or delivery areas, and to protect machinery. Easy and quick to install, TERA PROTECT 200 and 250 reliably prevent damage from industrial trucks such as pallet trucks, rack trucks, panel trucks and roll containers.

Application area

As a single or double / triple bar on the wall (TP radius 2,200) or at the transition from the floor to the wall (TP 200/250 floor).


  • Fastening is done by screwing to the wall (about every 40 cm).
  • Special construction certified countersunk screws can be supplied.
  • Hygienically safe and food grade.


  • Products from 100% recycling
  • Made in Germany
  • Does not splinter and mold
  • Food grade (tested quality)
  • Shocks are absorbed very well
  • Clean connections (e.g. door) thanks to vertical webs
  • Color: RAL 7012 basalt gray
  • Extremely robust and durable

Tera Protect 200

  • Height: 200 mm
  • Depth: 30 mm
  • Length: 2,100 mm (typical dimension)
  • Color RAL similar 7012 / basalt gray

Tera Protect 250

  • Height: 250 mm
  • Depth: 55 mm
  • Length: 2,100 mm (typical dimension)
  • Color RAL similar 7012 / basalt gray

Awarded with the blue environmental angel

Our impact protection products are made from recycled plastics and can be easily returned to the raw material cycle.

At a glance

Advantages of GTP products

Clever system

Easy assembly. Easy attachment. Just great.

Made of recycled materials

Manufactured from recycled plastic granules made specifically for our requirements.

Easily interchangeable

If a panel is damaged anyway, it is easy to replace.


More cost-effective than all other materials, as it has a long service life.

Easy to clean

Easy and easy to clean with normal cleaning agents.


All system components of Green Tera Protect can be combined with each other.


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