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The enemy of the footboard and wall is called pallet trucks, right?

Damage to skirting boards or walls is often inevitable within areas of daily delivery of goods and the warehouse of grocery retailers and discounters. It is often impossible to overlook such damages; wooden skirting boards are often fragmented, destroyed, or in the case of damp cleaning – rotten or full of mould. This is an unacceptable permanent condition, especially in the area of food handling.

Forklift drivers or pallet truck operators often push plates up to the wall or against the skirting board. The results isin extensive damage to the wall or wooden skirting board. At worst, it hits the sandwich panels of the building or the lightweight walls, which then have to be extensively renovated.

Fragmented wood can cause significant hygiene issues. Damp cleaning causes the open wood to germinate, resulting in a breeding ground for undesirable life forms. Such hygiene issues threaten the continuance of your business.

Protect building parts from damage and provide hygienic protection. With ram protection and impact protection from GREEN TERA PROTECT

At a glance

Advantages and benefits of the GTP System

Smart System

Simple installation. Simple attachment. Simply great.

Made from recycled materials

Made from recycled plastic granules that are specially made to meet our requirements.

Easily replaceable

If a panel is nevertheless damaged, it can be easily replaced.


Less expensive than all other materials because of its long service life.

Easy to clean

Easy and simple to clean with normal cleaning agents.


All system components from Green Tera Protect can be combined with each other.


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