Protect delivery areas of supermarkets and restaurants

Clean, durable and hygienic

Wall protection in delivery areas and gastronomy objects

A clean and undamaged wall is a good calling card for your business. A clean environment encourages employees to keep them clean and in order.

Damages to walls often occurs when parking or due to carelessness, in particular on surfaces or paths with a lot of transport traffic (lift trucks, forklifts, ants, transport trolleys). The plaster is damaged, the paint peels off and sooner or later the wall does not look good anymore. It then has to be extensively renovated.

With TERA PROTECT WALL, we offer you full-surface covering of walls. It is clean, easy to assemble and has an adaptive design. If a panel is damaged, it is easily replaceable.

We offer TERA PROTECT WALL in two variants: as a full-surface wall protection and as a ventilated system. The ventilated system can also be mounted onto moist walls for protection. The specially designed structure removes moisture and allows the wall to dry out. The principle is similar to that of a ventilated facade.


  • Easy installation
  • Protection of walls from damage
  • High impact resistance

More information about wall protection can be found here.

At a glance

Advantages and benefits of the GTP System

Smart System

Simple installation. Simple attachment. Simply great.

Made from recycled materials

Made from recycled plastic granules that are specially made to meet our requirements.

Easily replaceable

If a panel is nevertheless damaged, it can be easily replaced.


Less expensive than all other materials because of its long service life.

Easy to clean

Easy and simple to clean with normal cleaning agents.


All system components from Green Tera Protect can be combined with each other.


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