Protection systems for car parkings and garage

Safety for cars and buildings

Why is it useful to have a collision protection in a car parking?

Start-up protection, ram protection, and wall protection in car parks (underground and above-ground) protect building components, pillars, fixtures and visitors’ vehicles.

TERA PROTECT can significantly reduce the costs of maintenance and refurbishment of car-damaged car parks (underground and above-ground). Our systems protect the building fabric and paint application in the right places, thus preventing damage and contamination. Unsightly streak damage and chipped plaster on the walls and pillars are a thing of the past.

For the protection of pillars, we recommend TERA CAR PROTECT; our protective strips TERA PROTECT are suitable for all other surfaces. This combination has previously been successfully assembled and used.

Protect your car park and your visitors’ vehicles.

The benefits

TERA AUTO PROTECT (especially for pillars and columns)

  • Fire protection equipment (fire class A2, non-combustible)
  • easy installation
  • can be used as an advertising space or direction guidance system (fully customised printing available)
  • protects vehicles (mirrors, fenders, bumpers, lighting) and the building structure (pillars, beams)

TERA PROTECT (especially for walls)

  • Fire protection equipment (fire class B2, flame retardant)
  • easy installation
  • high impact resistance
  • protects vehicles (bumpers, mirrors) and the building (walls, corners, beams)

The costs of a GREEN TERA PROTECT system are cheaper than ongoing renovations, vehicle damage and image damage.

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